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Three engines blazing!
During a lull in the launchings, Chris describes the posterior of the woman in front of him at Walmart that morning. The subject then turns to liquefied methane gas as a rocket fuel. Jim smiles sagely.
The pads are full again.
The witch's hat on a 'G' engine. Didn't have far to go to find it afterward.
The Civil Air Patrol has overwhelmed us with some nice rockets. Barry never got to launch any of his own.
Now it's time to set up Matt's Executioner.
Pondering the launch angle on this breezy day. Looks good. Launch into the wind, the parachute will bring it back.
Inside the rocket is a passenger named "Parachute Guy".
An excellent flight!
Two parachutes! Parachute Guy is clinging onto the rocket for dear life! He does NOT get hung on a "Nail of Fame" in the garage. Because of him and his parachute, the rocket landed in the corn. The dual parachutes made our mental calculations as to where the rocket would land meaningless.

Civil Air Patrol Squadron 104.

A "clip whip" adds greatly to the odds of all engines igniting at once.
Final flight of the day. Third launch of Triple Threat.
Last flight of the day, and third flight of the Triple Threat, partially thanks to Ken. He found the rocket in the corn on its second flight. While I was searching for the rocket I saw a red object sort of floating through the corn, but I couldn't tell what it was.  It came out of the corn and I saw it was Ken's hat. Under the hat was Ken. He said, "Your rocket is back there!"

It was 3PM, time to pack up and bid adieu to John, Chris, Barry, Jim and Ken. See ya in November.
This concludes our broadcast day.