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Now for the maiden voyage of the Triple Threat. Will it be stable?
Ignition of all three engines!
Success! The wind is bending the corn, but the rocket is flying true! It returns under two streamers and a parachute.
Back at Mission Control, Gene Kranz and the Team are celebrating.

The Alpha has a perfect flight, as usual.
An alien ship monitors the technological progress of our species.
This rocket landed on Ken's car! That's Ken in the orange hat and the roof of his car.
Chris LaBelle's incredible flying witch's hat.
I thought I heard Barry say "Skies are clear." before he launched this.
The Saturn V, the most powerful machine ever made by man. The actual Saturn V made the second loudest
man-made sound ever heard when it was launched. Only a Hydrogen bomb is louder.

Ignition of a Monocopter. This is an Art Applewhite design.