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Jim's Terraformer takes off for a great flight, then lands right near the pads.

Now John McConville's huge rocket blasts of on its maiden flight under the power of a G-80 engine.
NO! Keep away from that tree!!!!
With the sickening clacking sound of fins hitting branches, the rocket struck the top of the tree and hung there.
This is the same tree that ate Lance Ohrberg's rocket in last month!
Jim sets up a spinner while Chris replaces a bent launch rod. In the middle are Matt's Alpha and the Triple Threat.
The pads are filling up again.
I connected this to my TV and got a station in New York.
Recovery operation. Partial success.
Both pads full.
Ken weighs the RWB. Notice how he has his hand on the rocket to "tip the scales".  Or, as we used
to say, "He has his thumb on the scale." Ken used to have his own produce store. Old habits die hard.