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Matt launched the Big Daddy again on an E20, and it landed way out in the middle of another cornfield.
The final flight (for us) was Finless.
Finless vanished into the weeds upon landing. Four people searched in vain for it.

Launching at a farm isn't all it's cracked up to be. The farmer shifts his fields from year to year. Last year this was a corn field.
Finless was a great rocket, now it is lost because of the grass. Joe Pesci will give the farmer a visit and this situation will be resolved.

It's 3PM. Launch pads are cold. Time to wrap it up for the day.

Now it's off to The Perk in Sellersville for French Onion soup and crab cakes. Check out Matt in the right hand photo.
                               What have we learned? We have learned several things from this launch.
First, French onion soup is a chore to eat and takes up a lot of time.

Second, we HAVE to stop halfway home at The Perk because the women won't use the lavatree at the launch site. They would rather have their bladders burst than imagine that someone might think they are taking a wiz if they walk off the field. As if anybody even notices. Bessie the cow goes all over the place and she's cool with it. Thanks for the pie, Bessie!

Third, sunburn hurts. ...but the real lessons learned are below.

Lesson 1: If there isn't enough room for Orville in the parachute compartment, don't smash him in next to the rocket parachute.
Resolution: The parachute compartment has been lengthened by four inches, the length of the parachute man.                           

Lesson 2: A shock cord can be too long. In this case the long shock cord allowed the tail of the rocket to crash into the parachute    
 when it ejected. One of the shroud lines caught a fin and prevented it from opening.                                                
Resolution: The top of the rocket body was repaired, and the long 1/8" wide shock cord was replaced with a shorter 3/8" wide one.

Orville says he'll have the cast off in time for the next flight and he is GO!

is the next launch!
  See you there. Check the PARA website the morning of, for confirmation.