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Matt prepares the Amazon.
Another great flight of this rocket.
An "F" powered V2.
Destination: London, England.
An interesting series showing stage separation of the Mongoose right at the top of the launch rod!

The Journeyman lifts off on two C6-3s.
It landed rather hard. I forgot it's supposed to have three parachutes.
Now Matt's Alpha shoots off the pad...
and lands standing up!
Alpha recovery crew.
Back at Mission Control, Barry gets the paperwork in order.
The mighty Saturn V lifts off under five million pounds of thrust!
Booster stage returning to Earth.
It almost lands on top of us. Hello! Does this look like the Atlantic Ocean?
Three engine powered saucer.
Jim prepares his Very High Drag model - 1/2 of a cube.
Mine would look like this! (From the Genesis Live album cover)