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Matt preps his Big Daddy.
It lifts off on a D12-3.
A nice flight!
One of the few that landed close to the launch area.
Ken, with an orange Mean Green
A "G" powered rocket blasts off.
The USS Constantine Hering lifts off the pad.
Andrea was out looking for the Courier again, when the Hering landed near her.
If we hadn't been looking for Joe's Courier in the weeds, we may have also lost the Hering.
Time to launch the two stage "D" powered Yellow Jacket.
Blasting off on a D12-0.
Stage separation at about 100 feet altitude.
Then... BAM! Core sample! How do ya like DEM apples?
This is GOOD for the rocket!
The impact tore the camera right off the rocket.
The crash corrupted what was probably a cool movie. Approximately 30 seconds of it was recovered with a utility that repairs .avi files.
Here are two screen caps from the movie.