The "Sky King" Solid State Regen Radio

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General layout
At this time I decided to create the permanent front panel. It was a bit premature but I was impatient.
front panels
Cardboard and foil were replaced with plywood and copper clad plastic. I would end up with an extra hole when the set was complete.

test with antenna tuner
Another test, again with the Peebles antenna tuner.

RF amp test


Testing the RF amp. The switch in the middle of the panel was a "Broad/Narrow" tuning switch. I couldn't get it to work right, and since the set has a fine tuning control I removed it.
coil in a coil
The RF coil was ineffective so a new RF coil was made to go inside the main coil. It still didn't work very well. While deciding
whether or not to add more turns, I tried connecting the RF amp directly to the antenna tune control and it worked very well that way.

Two coils - rear view
The finished radio should have looked something like this, but after connecting the antenna tuner I found
that the coil and its switch weren't even needed. The tuner worked better with just the variable capacitor.

Antanna and Ground posts
The mounts for the coil became binding posts.
The hole for the coil tap switch was filled in...
Antenna tune control
.... with a variable capacitor to the antenna.
This is actually in the schematic but I had left it out.

Front panel layout
It's starting to look like a radio. Knobs are getting hard to find. These came from Mike Peebles.
tickler coil
tickler coil
The tickler coil had too many windings. I removed them one at a time, but took off one too many. A new tickler was wound
using red colored wire, but the main coil remained green because radio waves travel better through green wire.
top rear view
Here is how it looked from the back in March of 2015. Almost done, so I thought.
Adding and removing parts once they are soldered in starts to make things look messy, but one cool trick I found was that because there are two unused taps on the "band switch," you can wind a coil, connect it to an unused tap, and drop it inside the main coil. The tickler coil doesn't care, as long as the coil winding is in the right direction.

Sky King regen radio

By March, 2015 it was time to give the radio a name, but not just any name. It had to be a COOL name like short wave radios from the1950s and 1960s. For example:

Eico - Space Ranger
Lafayette - EXPLOR-AIR
Radio Shack - Globe Patrol
Weskit - Space Rambler
Knight - Ocean Hopper, Space Spanner, Span Master and Star Roamer
Hallicrafters  -  Sky Buddy, Sky Champion, Sky Courier, and Super Skyrider

In keeping with the spirit of these names, the name of this radio shall henceforth and forthwith be Sky King, Model # N5348A

N5348A Sky King
Sky King's plane - FAA registration number N5348A.