Rocket Launching of September 1, 2013

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Some observations on cheap spy cameras and digital memory.

If you read the text on page 3 about the video frame rate you remember the comments about the memory card speed.
Below is a comparison video made to show the difference between Class 4 and Class 10. Unfortunately I don't have the
software to make a split screen movie, so you'll have to watch them in succession. The video is about a minute long.

Two cameras were taped together, one with a Class 4 card and one with a Class 10. Then a fake rocket launch was made.
I swung the camera around quite a bit and a lot of the video is a blur, but what you are looking for is the video "stuttering". In other
words, the video will freeze as it strobes the pixels into memory. It is apparent in the Class 4 card, but not so much in the Class 10.

-- mouse over for controls --
I suppose that a "real" camera would make a better video, but there are some financial aspects involved here. There is $20 invested in
the rocket and three $6.99 cameras attached to it. Each camera has a $5 memory card. If the rocket ends up in a tree there is a loss of
$56 bucks. OK, maybe not a big deal, we lose a rocket at every launch, but I'd rather put a $100 camera on a rocket I know we'll get back.
We need a bigger field!

This concludes our broadcast day.