Rocket Launching of September 1, 2013

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Three Camera Rocket
Next, the Three Cam Rocket.
Two spy cams. One facing down, one facing up.
Parachute Man Cam.
The launch was almost scrubbed. It was so
hot out the nosecone swelled. Once we were
able to get it off we put it back on only part way.
...and a perfect flight.


Coming down, not far from the pad.
Aiden recovers Parachute Man Cam.
All parts intact! No explosion, no crash.

Next, Joe's Big Bertha blasts off for a perfect flight, as usual.

Now we launch the Three Cam Rocket a second time.
The rocket and parachute man are just dots in the sky.
(photo greatly enlarged)
The parachute man has no camera! What did he do with it??
You just can't get good help nowadays.
Recovery Crew 1.
Recovery Crew 2.

What happened to Parachute Man's camera?

The heat from the ejection charge loosened the blue painter's tape that was holding it, and it fell off! Andrea, Chrissy and I started
combing the field for it. Andrea asked, "Does it have blue tape on it?". Sure enough, ten seconds later we spotted something blue in
the grass and it was the camera with the tape still on it. It was about 30 feet from the pad. The rocket had gone darn near straight up.

Next, Matt sets up the Alpha for its second flight.
This time he's using a B6-4.
Peter Gabriel walked by but nobody
noticed him till the film was developed!
The B6-4 sent it out of sight.
Unfortunately, the rocket landed in the woods. After ten minutes of searching we gave up looking.
These woods are practically impenetrable, filled with sticker bushes and brambles.

The rocket can be (barely) seen in the full sized version of this photo. More about that on Page 4.