Rocket Launching of August 10, 2013

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Here are the movies from the exploding Gray Ghost. Not quite as spectacular as the still pictures.

You can hear laughter and sizzling as the rocket smolders. All of the Estes "E" engines seem to explode.
After the first explosion I opened a new pack of engines only to have the new one do the same thing.
-- mouse-over for controls --  

I once ate something at a restaurant and the same thing happened to me. Really.
When Parachute Man hit the nosecone he cracked it open.
Parachute man has quite a headache.
I paid top dollar for a parachute man with a silk parachute to
attach the camera to. It has a bunch of holes burned in it now.
These fins came from the Honest John, and then were
reused for Big Red, and then for the Gray Ghost.

Parts have been ordered for the next version of the "three cam
", which will use these fins. It will NOT be powered by an
Estes "E" (as in Explode) engine. Stay tuned.
Because of the failure of the double launch, both
controllers got new "Blast Off" buttons.

Refund for exploding "E" engines and rocket

I wrote a somewhat disgruntled email to Estes telling them I already know how to blow up a rocket and I don't need it happening
accidentally. To my surprise they sent me all the the parts I lost and a pack of engines. Odd how they say the engines are $54.00
when I paid $15.00. Probably useful when they do their taxes.  Well, that was nice of them and now I have new pieces 'n parts!

This concludes our broadcast day.