Rocket Launching of August 10, 2013

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Next is the launch of the Gray Ghost with three movie cameras. Forward Cam, Aft Cam and Parachute Man Cam.
The engine CATO's and Parachute Man is smashed into the nosecone.
Fire spews from both ends. The entire "E" engine has ignited at once.
How is the whole thing not bursting into flame?  
Yours truly reviews the pictures while laughing.
There is an actual debris field behind me.
Mike makes repairs to the Gray Ghost and launches
the Journeyman II for the 3rd time.
Thanks to Joe's design, this baby really flies!
Another perfect flight!
The Gray Ghost is repaired! A perfect Lift-
Click on the picture for a larger version.

The engine holder has blown out of the rocket.
Launched into the clouds. Sort of.

We couldn't find the engine holder at first, then Chrissy spotted it in the grass about 20 feet away. The body tube was too hot to touch.
The heat fried one of the little USB cameras. It is now an "unknown device" to the computer. A dead device is more like it.

The rocket blows up as I lose all "street cred".
The laughter of the others haunts me to this day.

In contrast to the incineration of the Gray Ghost, the flight of Joe's Big Bertha is perfect!
Aiden is first to arrive at the scene. Not surprising.