Rocket Launching of August 03, 2014

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Jim prepares one of his unusual flying machines.
This thing took off like a bolt of lightning!
Returning gently to Earth.
Landing among the cars.
Next, one of John's rockets lifts off.

John. Recovery Meister.
Jim. His shirt says "DUCK".

Now it was time to launch the Yellowjacket. It lifts off on a D12-0, followed by a D12-3.
The booster stage returns.
Booster separation, seen through one of the aft body tubes.
A perfect recovery!
It landed upright in the corn, with the parachute
on top of the cornstalk.

The flight was so successful we launched it a second time.
Alas, this is the last picture of the Yellowjacket.
Andrea confronts the almost impenetrable area of shrubs, trees and eight foot tall weeds where the Yellowjacket landed. We were able to go in for a short distance but couldn't see much. We tried various points of entry, to no avail. You would have to accidentally step on it to find it in here. We'll try again in the winter.

We were the last ones off the field (again). Sorry, but there is no way I can take pictures of every launch.
We didn't stop at "The Perk" for lunch because Andrea won't eat anything and it was just the two of us. No point in having her watch me eat crab cakes and then offer to pay for it. (She's good that way!)

The movie from the ejected SD card was damaged. I fixed it with a free program called "VirtualDub".
Music in the video is a portion of "Right on Time" by Flembaz. Get a free download here.

This concludes our broadcast day.