Rocket Launching of August 03, 2014

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The Silverfish lifts off, powered by an E20-7. Inside is Parachute Man with a camera on his back.
The flight will end in disaster.

Nooooo!!! Where is the parachute?! What the heck are those things?

It's Parachute Man! The other "thing" was the rockets parachute.
At the crash site.

How's my flying? Call 1-800-EAT-DIRT
It took a nice core sample.
The impact knocked the SD card out of a camera.
We'll take her home and fix her up. Then I might work on the rocket.
We found Parachute Man in another field. We never found the rocket's parachute.
He was missing his camera!
This sequence, taken from the rocket, shows Parachute Man losing his camera.

It made for a cool movie!

Next, this nice model blasts off.
Unlike the Sliverfish, its parachute deployed.
It's going to land in another field.

Now for the maiden voyage of the new PGRL. (Parachute Guy Rocket Launcher)
Parachute Guy says he is GO. Cabin pressure is holding.
LIFTOFF of the PGRL, powered by an Estes C6-3.
Coming down, into the corn.
This woman followed me into the corn, taking pictures of me.
I was wondering what Andrea was thinking about that.

We found the PGRL in about ten minutes.
It turned out the woman (Hillary Petrozziello) is a photographer
for a Philadelphia newspaper. She took over 600 pictures, and
we were all interviewed by the reporter to the right!