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The Silverfish lifts off with a parachute man passenger.
Powered by an E20-7.
Parachute Guy reports that fuel is GO! Oxygen is GO! One point two Gs, cabin pressure is holding at 14.7 PSI.

A box of Morton's Salt spices things up...
... followed by the Initiator on an F50.

                             MOVIE TIME!

Below are two Silverfish movies. The first one shows the launch, and is notable in that a box of salt can be seen flying through the air (if you don't blink).

The second one was taken from the rocket. Several improvements had been made to the parachute to prevent the rocket from spinning on the way down. However, the parachute man became tangled in the main chute and the rocket descended on two parachutes instead of one.
This made "improvements" to the parachute meaningless.

The rocket landed in a tree. At first it seemed to struggle on its own to get down but it is then rescued.



 Phil remarked, "Touched down in a tree, ay? That's a bit of rubbish, that is."

While Andrea and I were recovering the Silverfish, Joe took these two pictures. We saw these rockets  from our location,
a quarter of a mile away. We saw that glider swooping over the corn in the distance and hoped that whomever launched it would find it.

The Amazon landed way out near where the Silverfish was pulled down from the tree.
Reporting the find to Mission Control.