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Now we have Jim's Redliner on pad two and Finless on the left, on pad 4. Finless is a copy of the one we lost last month.

Jim (left) sets up one of his many unconventional rockets.
Ken helps with a high power job.
A two stage saucer lifts off.
The Redliner takes off like a rocket!
Finless is airborne!
The Skyhook and Finless landed so far away I wasn't sure if we'd ever see them again. Then Andrea's phone rang. It was
Heather. They had found both rockets while looking for the Redliner! All three landed in the same area.

Jim's unconventional rocket takes off with a loud hissing and cloud of smoke.
It then flies spinning into the air!
It landed in the corn. I hope it was recovered. I want to investigate this thing.

A flight card is made for the huge Der Red Max.
It takes to the air on an F engine.
Recovery crew (John) is under Der Red Max, not because he moved but because the rocket seemed to aim for him.

Jim prepares a box of Morton's Salt while John hooks up a 1980s era
Mercury Redstone that his brother bought when John was 5 years old.
Liftoff, and the clock is running!
He didn't bother to paint it, but it still looks good.

The Silverfish misfired. Pad 2 now contains Matt's Amazon.
Liftoff of the Amazon !