Rocket Launching of May 4, 2014

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After the Executioner was recovered we packed up, along with everyone else. We then found a diner near Sellersville, PA and had lunch. It was a fun day, all things considered. When I got home I examined the causalities.
The Journeyman II engine holders. What the heck is going on here?
You can understand an engine holder being pushed in by a hard landing, but how does one get pulled OUT? It's as if it has been stretched, which is impossible, it's made of steel. There is no other damage other than the chip of missing paint. You can't move it. Weird.

The Executioner has major damage. It landed in a tree and Ken pulled down with a long pole.
It's hard to say what blew the rear bulkhead out like that. Being as it was 20 feet in the tree we don't know what it looked like before the pole pulled it down.

The Silverfish got off easy. A cracked fin. The expended E20 engine is visible at the bottom.

Ready for the next launch. See you there!

Some notes on setting the date on an "808" keyfob "spy" camera.

There are several versions of the 808, and because the instructions are unclear there is some confusion about how to create the file that sets the date. The instructions say to create a text file in the root of the storage TF card, "then change the file name in "TAG", than open the "TAG" right something."  Ergo the confusion. After all this time they haven't fixed the wording in the instructions.

This how to do it in Windows. Open Notepad and type:


NOTE: After each line type an empty space with the spacebar. Do not press <Enter> after the last line. Save it to the camera as a .txt file with the name TAG and make sure the name "TAG" is in upper case.

Obviously you put in a different date and time than shown in the example. There isn't a clock in the camera, so don't put "now" as the time and expect it to be different in an hour. Put in the time the movie will be taken.

When you look at the camera card it should look like this:

I'm using the cheap $8 cameras. I think I have a #3 and a #11. There is a new version (#16) as of 2014 that records in HD and sells for $40. I haven't tried one yet but I've read that the date issue is still a problem.

At this time we conclude our broadcast day.