Rocket Launching of May 4, 2014

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While we were gone it stopped raining. Chrissy and Matt set up the table.

The group on the left showed up and launched a bunch of rockets. I missed most of the flights because I was looking for the Silverfish.

This rocket belongs to Barry McGarvey.
Matt and the Alpha.
Matt's Executioner.
The Journeyman II.
The Alpha, Red Flare and the Journeyman II. The Executioner is in the background.

This is Rich. He got that rocket for five bucks.
The original owner is deceased. It was very impressive!

After we watched Rich launch his big rocket we set out to recover ours.

Safe landing. The Alpha just missed a cow flop!
We couldn't find the Executioner, then it was spotted in a tree.
Funny thing about that tree. The tree is part of a line of trees separating two big pastures. In the line of trees is a barbed wire fence. The rocket landed in the top of the tree. With the way the wind was blowing, the rocket was probably moving sideways at the same speed it was descending. If the rocket had gone a tad higher or if the wind was blowing just a bit harder the rocket would have cleared the trees. But no. Of course not.

Here is the movie taken by the Silverfish. The flight lasted 50 seconds. The rocket was recovered 1/3 mile away.
To reach that distance, the wind had to carry the rocket and parachute approximately 25 miles per hour.
The strange things "growing" in the beginning of the movie are rain drops falling on the out of focus blast deflector.