Elmer G. Osterhoudt
The Modern Radio Laboratories Catalog 

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Small loading coils. No. 28 on the left, No. 29 on the right.

MRL Telefunken Coil.
Elmer related how in 1924 a radio wholesaler named C. D. Tanner came into Elmer's store and sold ELMER a radio.  Elmer bought it because it was very selective. No sooner was Tanner out of sight then the bottom of the radio was off and the circuit checked. It was a Telefunken circuit. Detail Print #58 shows the MRL No. 4 Telefunken crystal set.
Another work of art, and nicely preserved. How long did this take to make? It cost two dollars in 1986, which is the same price for which he sold the much simpler QRM coil shown on Page 1.

$2 in 1986 is $4.50 in 2018. Elmer would have to make and sell six of these AN HOUR at $4.50 each to make an "average income" in 2018. That's 240 coils a week! It's no wonder he never stopped working.

An old wooden box, painted black.
The inside is lined with felt. The hinges are broken and the bottom of the clasp on the front is missing.
The felt has been cut and tacked into the box. On the lid is an MRL address label. The address is 151 Liberty St, San Francisco, CA. This places the date between 1936 and 1938. What was so important about the contents of this box that the owner lined it with felt?


Each coil has a label stating the type of coil, a schematic and the price. The labels were made with fountain pen ink.
The handwriting looks like Elmer Osterhoudt's handwriting.


The bases are repurposed vacuum tube bases which have been cut down with a saw. Each base has two lines cut into the bottom.
The text on the bottoms reads, "LICENSED ONLY TO EXTENT INDICATED ON CARTON."


Also in the box was this. The label says, "SHORT WAVE CHOKE  2 Mhy 25"

Why do these coils have the labels with the schematics and prices on them?
Are these coils the ones that Elmer used as templates in 1936? Were they display samples in his radio store?
Who put them into the felt-lined box, and when?


Mabel's and Elmer's handwriting.
Prices kept changing. 50 was owed on the left, then $2.01 on the top-right. At the bottom right there is a credit.

June 14, 2018