Rebuilding the rocket

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The carcass of Big Red had three perfectly good fins.

I connected them together with some brilliant surgery.


When the fins were cut off it was found Big Red had a hidden fatal condition.
The engine tube had a hole burned through it from the many launches over the years. This allowed the ejection charge to
enter the body of the rocket and vent through the hole for the engine retaining clip. It was a factor in why Orville refused to eject.
The new engine holder has been reinforced both inside and outside. This is metal tape used in HVAC applications.

The old shock cord mount was in the parachute compartment
and was a snag point.
The new shock cord is mounted below the top bulkhead,
leaving the parachute compartment clear of obstructions.

From the remains of "Big Red" rises...

No, not the "Phoenix", everyone calls the new thing from the old thing "The Phoenix".
This is the Gray Ghost. Or should I say the bluish-gray Ghost. (with two minute paint job!)

Ironically, the nose cone and one of the body tubes came from an Estes Phoenix kit.