Rocket Launching of August 10, 2013

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Next we launched this rocket with a D engine
which sent it sky-high, just a dot in the firmament.
Aiden packing the parachute. He saw someone do it and he knew
he had to somehow smush it together. He spent several minutes on this.
On the second (perfect) flight it floated out of the field
and ended up in some tall trees across the street. I didn't
bother to look for it. Poor fella didn't even have a name.
Our youngest spectator, Allison.
A Bene Gesserit witch and the younger sister of Paul
Atreides (Muad'Dib), she mocks the loss of my rocket.

Joe and Matt prepare for a double launch of the Big Bertha and Finless.
The rockets are prepped.
There goes Finless!
Aw crap, the other launch pad isn't working!!!!
Joe moved the Bertha to the primary pad and it had a perfect liftoff.
A perfect descent...
...but it landed in some six foot tall weeds and sticker bushes.
I battled thorns and biting insects for Joe's Bertha.

Chrissy walks back with the rockets.
I walk back with Aiden.

After this we packed up. The launch was a good one in spite of the Gray Ghost blowing up, and Joe and Andrea got some great pictures.

During the launch we saw Matt's face, which is photosensitive and swollen because of the steroids
that keep his donor stem cells from attacking him, grow redder and redder and then start to peel.

What is more important, your face or rockets?
  Darn right it's rockets.